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Wir / nosotrxs, eine Liebeserklärung /
una declaratoria de amor

WORLD PREMIER: Teatro El Granero at Centro Cultural del Bosque from the National Institute of Fine Arts - October 2019

US PREMIER: La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, New York City - February 2020
ZOOM VERSION - National Institute of Fine Arts & Goethe Institute MX - November 2020 

DEUTSCHLAND PREMIERE: Schaubude Berlin - Postponed January 2022

WIR / NOSOTRXS, eine Liebeserklärung is a creation of Lisa Lucassen and Antonio Cerezo. 

Video: Heiko Kalmbach
Set, costumes and lighting design: Arturo Lugo 
Stage Manager and executive producer: Homero Fernández Segura
General assistance: Erick Gutiérrez Otto

Mexico City cast: Francisco Bahena, Frieda Cartas, Antonio Cerezo, Eduardo Córdoba, Heiko Kalmbach, Mariana López-Dávila, Lisa Lucassen, Anna Mariscal, Isabel Narezo, Leticia Pedrajo, Karla Paola, Lizeth Rondero, Sofía Sanz y Brenda Sánchez.

New York City cast: Vanessa Bretas, Eveleena Dann, Antonio Cerezo, Lewd Alfred Douglas, James Tigger! Ferguson, Michal Gamily, Ryan Leach, Miss Joan Marie Moossy, Lizeth Rondero, Lee VaLone, Mark Weiss. 


Wir / Nosotrxs, is an object performance piece that invite us to rethink "and they lived happily ever after." This evening addresses the concept of romantic love that shapes our self-esteem, our sexual fulfillment and our sense of freedom. Let’s not talk about love, let’s talk about romantic love. The tragedy of love is that one can not 'not love'. So difficult to find love the way we have envisioned it. Our way of loving is full of ideologies. Many of us love in a patriarchal way.



"The directing work by Lisa Lucassen and Antonio Cerezo is formidable. their stage playfulness is rigorous and precise. They connect each scene successfully. The piece is dynamic, in constant action, so much that the audience is not distracted even for a moment.“

"The play is perfectly well structured, the performers show their unique human side and, instead of being a theatrical performance, it seems like a fun meeting between friends."

"An original theater piece where it’s to talk about love, a topic that concerns to all of us. The perfect formula to forget about everyday difficulties and stress, while you are entertained seeing beautiful people committed to their theatrical work."

Eugenia Galeano Inclán - Galeria Teatral 

This project is made possible with support of the following: 

Program "Creadores Escénicos con Trayectoria en Teatro 2018-2020" from FONCA
Coordinación Nacional de Teatro del INBAL "Fronteras Líquidas"
Goethe Instituto Mexico
La MaMa ETC 

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