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there's no home like place

PREMIRE: 29 Papiertheatertreffen Preetz Germany 2016
Schaubude Berlín Nov 2016
Sala CCB Mexico City Dec. 2017
Instituto Cervantes Tokyo Japan Sep 2018
Foro A Poco No, Sistema de Teatros CDMX Dec. 2018
IETM München Nov. 2018 

Casa de la Paz. June 2019

Festival de Monólogos - Teatro A Una Sola Voz 2021
CIRCULAR - Festival de Teatro Iberoamericano MADRID 2021

Author, director and performer: Antonio Cerezo
Stage design and construction: Vanessa Farfán

Original music: Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino
Lighting: José Zychlinski

Stage Manager: Larissa Polaco

Produced by the 'Intercultural projects 2016' Grant from Berlin Senate.

"There's no home like place" is a paper theater monologue that inverts the famous line from the -Wizard of Oz- to reflect on that assertion and talk about the emotional construction of what the home means. Our identity through the place where we come from in the context of a world that has never stopped moving. Where do I feel like home? Is it the place where I come from?


"Intelligent, ambitious, modern theatre in such intensity rarely seen in paper theatre! A great performance that left thoughtful audiences behind."


Sabine Herder / September 2016


…“The author chooses to tell this story through a beautiful constructions of objets made out of paper. Through the fragility of the same, the character is adding life to it in each circumstance to make the audience feel that uncertainty, that dances between beauty and fear, a concern that nourishes a path towards what it will be left behind.  In the middle of this dance between an impeccable aesthetic and a endearing story, the great performance of Cerezo combines it self with the appropriate musical accents composed by Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino, that brings a perfect frame to underline the beautiful moments in this plot, carrying delicacy to the harsh context that is within”… 

Saúl Campos / December 2017 


…”Antonio Cerezo, author, director and actor of “There’s no home like place”, together with Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino, present a rigours work with a notorious aesthetics, visually and sound like speaking. This piece is the business card of a hard working sensitive man that offers us a stage full of life.”… 

Carmen Zavaleta /   November 2017


…“Antonio Cerezo assumes three different facets in this project: authorship, direction and performance. In these three aspects his work is impeccable. In the authorship conceives a text full of interest and sensitivity that exposes deeply rooted emotions of the human being. As director he makes the story enjoyable and fun, as well as giving a precise timing. As an actor he offers excellent histrionic, corporal and vocal work, earning the public's trust through his interactions.“

Eugenia Galeano Inclán / December 2018

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