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Para soñar que no estamos huyendo

PREMIER: Teatro Benito Juárez 2013 & 2015

Teatro El Galeón at Centro Cultural del Bosque 2016 - Mexico City 

Written and directed: Ana Francis Mor

Original music: Leika Mochan

Directing assistant and stage manager: Liliana Ramírez 

Lighting: Blanca Forzán

Props and atrezzo: Brenda Hernández

With: Marisol Gasé / Claudia Rios, Amanda Schmelz and Antonio Cerezo

'Para soñar que no estamos huyendo' is a theater piece after William Shakespeare classic's Richard III , to manufacture a contemporary exercise that exposes Mexican stereotypes, mainly victimization. This theater work invites us to reflect on the "kindheartedness" as part of the vocation of the victim in Mexican culture. This is not the story of the powerful, those who can and destroy everything because of the temptation of power. Para solar que no estamos huyendo is the story of the pleasant seduction of living under domination. Power with woman' eyes. This is not the story of Richard III, is the story of the queen, her maid and an assassin. 


"The cast of the play could not be better: Marisol Gasé, Amanda Schmelz and Antonio Cerezo. Para soñar que no estamos huyendo It is a difficult play for the actors. Facing the absence of a surplus scenographic apparatus, the actors have to make full use of their emotional, interpretive and creative skills, and it is they, who create completely this universe and endow it with truth."

Juan Hernández - Confabulario "El Universal"

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