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les arcángeles azules 

Foro Casa de la Paz at  Metropolitan Autonomous University UAM - December 2017

Teatro El Galeón at Centro Cultural del Bosque - Ciclo de Cabaret December 2019

Writen and directed by Antonio Cerezo 

Lights: Lydia Margules and Jose Zschilinsky
Executive producer and assistant: Augusto Cesar Espino
Resident director: Lizeth Rondero 

With: Leticia Pedrajo, Bricia Orozco, Alejandro Benítez y Felipe Rodriguez. 

Produced by the Theater Department of the Metropolitan Autonomous University UAM Mexico 

In a country like Mexico, where violence in many sorts is part of everyday life, Les Arcángeles Azules come down to earth to announce the arrival of the savior, who likes to be called Chucho (alias Jesus). Tired of the traditional ceremony, they decide to make an announcement asking the people for help with a tweet to spread quickly the message. During this political nativity cabaret show, the devils will try at all costs to have the people on their side and to go against their guides; Les Arcángeles Azules.

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