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WORLD PREMIERE: Teatro El Milagro - Mexico City - September/October 2020
Coming performances:
FARO Oriente - Mexico City - October 2021
FARO Indios Verdes - Mexico City - October 2021

Festival Life & Death - Xcaret - November 2021

Teatro Diana - Guadalajara Mexico - November 2021

Written and directed by: Antonio Cerezo
Original Music: Ernesto Anaya
Manipulation of puppets: Alejandro Benítez

Set and costumes: Martín Diego Salido - Orcillo Alcerreca

Graphics and illustration: Diana María and Fabian Gutierrez Bahena
Lights: Lydia Margules

Executive producer: Raúl Morquecho

With: Alejandro Benítez, Antonio Cerezo, Sofía Sanz and Armando Tapia 


Four souls throw the party of the new holiday 'Day of the Living' -which they also organized- to stop the traffic jam of souls in the world of the dead.

Produced by Facto Teatro with the support of 'Estimulo fiscal del articulo 190 de la LISR (EFIARTES)


"The aim of this piece is to have a great time and they achieve it, they make people laugh through their work that reflects their preparation and aptitude. The actors on stage are on the same page, they are a unit dedicated to this theatrical work; they achieve good results with talent, rigor and professionalism. " Roberto Sosa -ACPT-

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